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Life is Forgotten Web design and Action sports photography is the work of Nicholaus Ewing-Pistelak, aka "Nick". He was always into computers and photography since he was a child. His first computer was an Apple Macintosh "mini mac", consisting of a 40MB external hard drive, dual floppy disk drives, a 5" black and white monitor and a dot matrix printer. Early photography evolved from a child’s 110 format click and shoot camera.

In high school Nick took four years of telecommunications and two years of computer classes. He had fun doing digital editing and building simple web pages. Soon after graduation Nick went to SDSU to become a computer programmer. He attended SDSU for about a year and decided that writing code was boring and that he needed a break from school, so he got a "real job".

After a few months of working, Nick realized that he liked computers but programming was not what he wanted to do. He enrolled at Cuyamaca College with the intention of majoring as a computer application support specialist. When he was about 8 units from obtaining a degree in that field, the major was cancelled. Nick was then forced to select an alternate subject as a major and decided to focus on web development. He took many computer specific classes such as: web design, web animation, computer programming, database design and administration, computer hardware, windows operating systems, computer networking, and various other computer classes. He made the dean’s list while he attended full time.

Again, Nick returned to the workplace. He continued practicing what he had learned in college by building a local bands webpage, personal hobby websites, and helping others redesign their existing webpages.While working full-time, Nick continued his education by enrolling in night classes and earned his AA Degree in General Education.

Life is Forgotten was started by Nick to help others establish a presence online and to help individuals capture their action sports moments on digital media. When it comes to Web design, Custom PC Building, PC repairs/upgrades and Action sports photography Nick is experienced and reliable.

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